Raw Chocolate Salty Balls Recipe – In Honor of Chef

Who’s the greatest TV chef ever? Anthony Bourdain? No. Gordon Ramsey? Not a chance. Jamie Oliver? Don’t make me laugh. The answer? That’s easy. Chef. He doesn’t even need a traditional human name. He is Chef. The one and only. Voiced by Isaac Hayes and scripted by the geniuses behind the greatest TV show of […]

Raw Tuscan Herb Marinated Vegetables Recipe

Raw Tuscan Herb Marinated Vegetables Recipe

A couple months back I had a few friends over for dinner. One of these friends is one of the biggest meat lovers I’ve ever come across. And also a relentless jokester. I told him well in advance that all the food would be raw and vegan; he seemed cool with it, and then made […]

Raw Carrot Cake Recipe with Coconut Butter Icing

I dedicate this recipe to my Dad and my Bubbies (that’s what I call my grandmothers). Don’t really know why, but I had this strong urge to put a Star of David into this cake. Might have to do with the fact that my Dad loves carrot cake, or that I’ve been saying Jewish prayers […]

Chunky Raw Pumpkin Fudge Recipe

Raw Chunky Pumpkin Fudge Recipe by Raw Food Bali

These last couple of weeks have been quite fun. My friend Trish (She’s the one pictured in the first juice recipe in my recent post on juice fasting) has her own garden and is always offering me fruits and vegetables. She’s like the sweetest woman I ever met. She told me that she had extra […]

Raw Mocha Pudding Recipe – For the Coffee Lovers out there

Raw Mocha Pudding by Raw Food Bali

I wanted to post this recipe in concert with the announcement of my Western Classics Gone Raw class on July 14th. The reason for this is that the class is focused on helping people stave off cravings for the comfort foods they have indulged in for years by teaching them healthy, raw replacement recipes, and […]

Raw Chocolate Durian Hazelnut Pudding

Raw Chocolate Durian Hazelnut Pudding

I’ve been promising you guys another Durian recipe for a while, and I’m a man who sticks to his word. Durian doesn’t really require any additional ingredients to be delicious, but diversifying the flavor and intensity levels of it is a nice way to mix up one’s Durian consumption. I was eating Durian so frequently […]

An Interview with Paul Turner AKA the Food Yogi – Warrior Yogacise and His Special Coconut Green Smoothie Recipe

Food Yogi with a Raw Cheesecake

The Food Yogi hasn’t been in Bali for even a week and I can already say that I am thoroughly impressed by this hero among men.  First he wowed the crowd at Sacred Durianology with his impressive mathematical knowledge. Then he melted hearts when he showcased his charity work for Food for Life, the world’s […]