Ubud Direct

Ubud Direct

ubud-direct-logo-200x200Island Wide Delivery Service

What you can Order : Organic Fruit & Veg, Nuts & Seeds, Juices, Personal Care Products, Pretty Much Everything You Need to Live Organic in Bali
Phone Number : +62 815 5430 2780
Email : info@ubuddirect.com
Website : http://www.ubuddirect.com/


U bud Direct is a groundbreaking delivery service in the organic haven that is now Bali, bringing the Mecca of all that is organic on the Island, Ubud, to the rest of its inhabitants. Pretty much anything you would ever want in your clean, healthy, organic kitchen and life can be found on this site, and delivered to you the same day no matter where you are. There is an extensive selection of fresh produce and dry goods, and they even deliver freshly pressed juices. On top of that, for the bread lovers out there, they stock French Bread baked on the same day made with real, european, high quality flours. The icing on the cake is that they hold themselves to an incredibly high standard of honesty, so if they stock something that isn’t organic, they will tell you. That’s my kind of delivery service.

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