6 Benefits of Juice Fasting and Why it’s The Most Important Part of My High Raw Diet

I absolutely love juicing. Here’s 6 big reasons why :

1. Clarity of Mind

I was simply blown away how clear my mind was when I started juice fasting. I hadn’t thought so lucidly since I was a kid. Everything in my life that I was confused about seemed seemed to magically become simple and easy.

Obstacles turned into opportunities. Frustrating problems into fun challenges.

This isn’t just my experience either; a myriad of people have experienced this benefit on a juice fast. One food blogger even compared the improvement of mental clarity of juice fasting to doing a 10 day vipassana meditation retreat, which speaks volumes about its power. [1]

2. Detoxification

Of all the many benefits of juice fasting, this may be the most commonly touted. For good reason. The average human being expends about 1/3 of their daily energy usage on digestion alone. Some experts have even estimated this percentage as high as 80%! [2]

Imagine if your body had all that extra energy, what do you think it would do?

Probably regenerate and heal, as the body is in a perpetual state of self-reparation. Juice fasting provides one with all the nutrients they need to function optimally without requiring the body to use any energy on digestion, which is the perfect combination for it to find and remove toxins.


3. Improved Sleep

Recently I’ve been reading about the effects of eating before bed. There’s a lot of evidence that indicates that the body derives the most value from sleep when it doesn’t have to digest much food. This would seemingly go hand in hand with quality of sleep, and this is something i’ve experienced both on and off juice fasts.

If I don’t eat 3 or more hours before bed I tend to have a deeper, more sound sleep and I wake up feeling waaaayyy freesher in the morning.

While juice fasting, one is abstaining from eating all day, so the body doesn’t have to digest food at night. Which leads to lovely sleeps 🙂 This article nicely explores a number of different facets of eating before bed. [3]

4. Increased Energy Levels

Often times when I speak to people about fasting they ask about energy levels.

Don’t you feel tired all day if you don’t eat?

NO!! Actually, the biggest revelation that I’ve had since exploring Raw Food and Juice Fasting is that I have more energy when I don’t eat!

I’ll say that again : I have MORE energy when I don’t eat!

Crazy right? It took me a while to wrap my brain around it, but eventually it made sense. It all comes back to the amount of energy digestion requires. A study done by the Mayo Clinic estimated that it takes more than 30 hours for us to fully digest and excrete our food! [4]

Again, just think about all that energy your body is using digesting food. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating, especially when it’s Freesh, but I find it incredibly powerful to fast intermittently. [5] I usually do a juice fast of around 4-10 days every couple of months. Of all the incredible benefits of juice fasting, this is the one I cherish the most.

5. Extra Motivation

This one is mostly based on personal experience than the research i’ve done on juice fasting or the stories I’ve heard from fellow fasters; still I think it is more than worth mentioning. When I am on a juice fast I feel incredibly motivated on a consistent basis. I often spend the majority of my days working. In fact, I built this website largely during a juice fast.

In addition to the extra motivation, I find my levels of focus exceptionally high.

Focus + Motivation = Productivity.

Simple as.
I actually just remembered a story I heard that is a great testament to this experience; my friend told me that David Wolfe is known to fast while writing his books. Bang. Case Closed. Feeling unmotivated? Do a juice fast!

6. Looking Gooooood

I’m generally not too focused on the way I look, but I’d be bald face lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a genuine compliment about my appearance. Those have come more frequently during or after a juice fast than at any other point in my life.

There’s 3 Main Physical Benefits of Juice Fasting : Weight Loss, Glowing Skin and Clear Eyes

I lost a bunch of weight when I first started juice fasting and kept most of it off without thinking too much about it, and eating a high raw diet. It was a much healthier way for me to lose the weight I put on in university, compared to the weight loss focused diets that I previously tried. And if that’s not enough for you, watch this movie.


Before After Shots from an 8 Day Juice Fast

Many people talk about the benefits of juice fasting for the skin. I generally have pretty clear skin so this isn’t something I’ve noticed too much of. Here’s a nice little article about how it does this. [6]

And lastly, which I think may be the most fascinating of all the benefits of juice fasting, is the impact it can have on the eyes. Check out this video.

 Why Juice Fasting is the Most Important Part of my High Raw Diet

A few key reasons :

1. Food Appreciation – Imagine how good food tastes after not eating for a week!

2. Appetite Reset – After juice fasting my appetite is reset and I feel more in tune with my body

3. Cleansing – it’s probably impossible to avoid toxins in the world we leave in, and juice fasting frequently allows my body the chance to detoxify

Lastly, I simply feel better physically while fasting than at any other point in my life!

I like to keep it simple, and I know that when I Juice Fast I feel good!

And I like to feel good 🙂

Here’s a few excellent resources to help you experience as many benefits of juice fasting as possible!

This is one of the most succinct and thorough explanations of the benefits of juice fasting I’ve found : http://www.circle-of-life.net/PDF/Juicing.pdf

And here’s a New Juice Recipe from yours truly 🙂


Buy Guaranteed Organic Fruits & Vegetables for your Juice Fast in Bali from UbudDirect, my favorite online delivery store on the Island!

And lastly here’s the juice fasting plan I followed when I started. I still use it sometimes!

The Danny Saggers Juice Fast Plan

Sources :

1. http://gurmeet.net/food/juice-fasting-for-calmness-and-clarity/
2. http://www.ultimateenergydiet.com/health-benefits-of-fasting
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I hope you enjoyed the article.

28 thoughts on “6 Benefits of Juice Fasting and Why it’s The Most Important Part of My High Raw Diet

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  2. Katherine says:

    Hi I was just wondering do you do any preparation foodwise before beginning a juice fast? I know you eat mostly raw anyways, but would you recommend doing that the previous week or certain length of time so its less stuff for your body to detox? Also wondering about fibre and how to eliminate whatever toxins are being cleansed from your body through the juice? Would you recommend having water with chia seeds once a day, or eating some raw vegetables or one salad a day? I just don’t want whatever toxins are being removed to be reabsorbed. Thanks so much for this information!

    • Jonny Freesh says:

      Hi Katherine,

      It’s a good idea to ease into it for sure. I often do a day of all blended foods before a juice fast. Smoothies and soups mainly. And if you don’t eat much raw it would probably be a good move to do a few days of mostly raw in advance. Personally if I’m going to do a juice fast I want to eliminate all fiber from my diet and just make sure to flush everything out regularly. I like to do enemas with the occasional colonic, but if you feel more comfortable eating something then psyllium husk is a good way to make sure everything gets flushed out.

      Hope that helps,


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  5. Anjali dasi says:

    That’s a nice article thanks. I might share it in case I can inspire anyone to juice fast with it. First I want to inspire myself to. :/
    Sometimes I think the only way I will do it is by attending a detox program somewhere.
    Got a few obstacles I have to meditate on getting around if I am to do it at home. But I agree with your words. Makes me feel better for sure too in all the same ways when I do juice fast even for one day.

    • Jonny Freesh says:

      Thanks Anjali. If you ever have any questions about juice fasting or perhaps creating a nice environment for a fast please do ask. And I would really appreciate if you shred it 🙂

      And if you’re looking for affordable detox programs, Ubud is the place! Check these guys out – http://www.ubudsari.com/

      • Anjali dasi says:

        Thanks for that link. I don’t know if they have something affordable to me. But no one can afford to be sick either so we just have to decide what is most sensible. I think I will contact them and inquire anyway.
        I’m sure Ubud must have so many places.
        As I will probably go to Thailand again this year I can check out what is available there. I know I can at least buy a lot of juices there easily even without going to a spa. There are some similarities between their island spas and Bali’s I guess.
        I’m pretty much convinced by a bunch of friends that Bali is about the best place though.
        Thailand is just more practical for me.
        My home obstacles are not having a fridge. I won’t get one for a while, until I have moved. Even without, it is still possible to juice fast if I make a diligent effort to shop daily.
        Other obstacle is lack of varieties of veggies.
        Even so, whatever is available, I can still try to work with that.
        We had organic greens over winter but just now they have stopped growing. That’s sad.
        Remedy for that would be that I try growing some greens in pots.
        I am not starting because I could travel at any time.
        Perhaps I could start anyway. 🙂 Not much lost even if I travel. Just give them to someone to take care of them.
        Other obstacle, I like washing a blender jar much more than washing my juicer 😀
        Anyway, where there is a will there is a way!!
        Reminders are good. Thanks for the reminders. Internet keeps me reminded.

        • Jonny Freesh says:

          yes there are always obstacles. Not having a fridge is an interesting one to say the least lol. What kind of fruits/veggies do you get? Leafy greens are awesome and also not a must for a fast.

          • Anjali dasi says:

            What kind of fruit and veggies?
            Well, amongst those that I would juice, and they are not organic, we have fresh tumeric, ginger, cucumber and coriander greens (cilantro) in abundance. Also cabbage, not my favourite juice although possibly quite healthy.
            umm, lots of potatoes, sweet potatoes too but only beneficial as a specific cure for something.
            We have not so great pumpkin and we have zucchini. We have tomatoes but I am sure they are gmo.
            Almost all the veggies grown in India are good for cooking because Indians are big on cooking, not on raw. Such veggies as okra, peas, unripe jackfruit, banana flower, cauliflower, corn and eggplant are really popular for cooking and could also be good dehydrated.
            Other veggies that can be juiced nicely are green papaya. Actually one of my favourite things to add to juice but a bit of a trip to peel. Maybe juice the skin too?
            There is spinach but it is a bit of a worry to juice it because it’s not organic. And maybe not even clean so it needs good washing. There are white radishes which would be a strong tasting but healthy juice.
            I’ve probably left a few out.
            If I go to the big city, which is just too much of a long trip to do often, I can buy avocados, celery and quite a few other greens.
            There are many fruits like apples, oranges, papaya, banana, pineapple, pomegranate, chikoo (a kind of sapote) and mango easily available and other fruits come into season.
            In the city there are imported fruits.
            It is possible that I find some store that can send things to me from the city.
            I tend to think that with what is available, smoothies are more practical.
            And the best juice of all, young green coconut, is available. A little expensive locally but cheaper in coastal towns where it grows.

          • Jonny Freesh says:

            Anjali I think yo’ve got plenty of great veggies to juice 🙂 Do you have tomatoes and bell peppers?

            It’s also not the end of the world to use non-organic spinach or other veggies. You’ll still derive lots of great benefits from them. If you’re using mostly organic a little bit of non-organic won’t kill you.

            We have chikoos here too they call them sawo in Bali – I love them! I’ve found they have one of the closest tastes to caramel in raw food – mix ’em with some dates to make a really delicious caramel flavor.

            Have you downloaded the juice fast plan? There’s some really good suggestions for making up your own juices in it 🙂

          • Anjali dasi says:

            Thanks, yeah, I will download the juice fast plan.
            I had to write a lot yesterday to convince myself of that very fact, that it is possible, and all it would take is for me to stop being lazy.
            So you inspired me and this morning I went out and attacked the veggie market 🙂
            I got a bit of everything there I think, then I came home and it was much easier and more fun than I expected.
            Been depressed for a few days and it is really difficult to get myself to do anything in that state except eat the wrong foods. That part is easy. So today I had to break out of that.
            I also made it easier by using a newer small European juicer which I sometimes travel with. My old juicer is on its last legs and it’s just my habit to use something until it is really finished.
            But the newer one was much easier to use and wash.
            I juiced beetroot, ginger, tumeric, cucumber, one tomato, lemon, white radish, lauki (do you know of it?) cilantro, fenugreek leaves (methi) and spearmint leaves (pudina). As I expected, it tasted weird and my empty stomach was not sure about what to make of it. Then I ate a few almonds and felt fine after that.
            Then cooked a few veggies and made a salad. Now feeling the juice cleansing my stomach.
            I really need the clarity of mind that comes from juicing. And even just from eating only veggies rather than grains which had been my winter habit.
            So, I’m feeling better and back on the right track, So thanks for your encouragement, I shall try to maintain it, although I don’t like shopping daily. Our markets are crazy. They have cows and monkeys in them. lol

          • Jonny Freesh says:

            lolol – I bet if you follow the cows and monkeys they’ll sniff out the best fruits and veggies for you 😉

            Sounds like quite the interesting juice. Really excited for you Anjali I’m confident you’re on the brink of choosing the diet you truly desire!

            I still struggle with eating poorly when I’m depressed – you’re not alone. One of my best teachers gave me really great advice for those scenarios that I’ve turned to time and time again : eat it, enjoy it no matter how unhealthy it is as we’re eating these foods for taste, derive joy from it, stay present with your emotions, be calm and not too hard on yourself, and then move on and get back on your horse!

            Hope that helps 🙂

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