Whats so bad about coffee?

Coffee is extremely acidic.

Acids come from cells as they eat and consume their nutrition from the blood. They discharge their waste in the body’s septic system just like you would in your own home. Your septic system is the lymph system.


The lymphatic system is the body’s main sewer/immune system. Acids make your body hard as a rock. Acids literally make your fluids anionic and coagulated and thick. Acids ravage your body with pain and decay.

The standard American diet is extremely acidic. All life is chemistry. Alkaline-forming foods (foods that produce & leave an alkaline ash after digestion) heal the body. These include fresh, raw, pesticide-free fruits, berries, melons, greens & non-starchy vegetables.

Stop eating the foods that are the cause of your pain

Acids break down and destroy cells. Acid-forming foods include all cooked animal flesh, animal excreta (dairy), grains, processed foods, coffee, soda, alcohol. Stop eating the foods that are the cause of your pain, inflammation, dis eases and conditions. ConsumeAlkaline-forming foods that will heal you and allow your body to thrive.

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